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Homeowner Association Management
Course Outline

• Glossary of HOA and CID terms

Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act
(Civil Code Sections 4000-6150) as amended
This is the primary body of law for homeowner associations.

Corporations Code—key sections for non-profit mutual benefit corporations

• CC&Rs—Sample Document

• Bylaws—Sample Document

• HOA Management Agreements—Sample Documents

• Amendment Process for CC&Rs and Bylaws

• Insurance for common interest developments

• Budgeting, reserve studies, loans to homeowner associations

• Basics of financial reports and HOA bookkeeping

• Property sales, refinances and escrows

• Property inspections, maintenance, preventive maintenance

• Dealing with contractors, bidding, use of consultants, specifications

• Conflicts of interest

• Business Judgment Rule

• Legal Concept: Negligence / Avoiding liability

• Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation, Arbitration)

• Continuing education / Designations

• Responsibilities of an HOA manager

• Communication with the board of directors

• How do I excel at HOA property management and make money at it?

Satellite Dish Antenna Rules

HOA Security Issues

• HOA question and answer sessions

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