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Frequently Asked Questions About Our
HOA Management Courses

Q:   Is being an HOA manager a stable position?
A:   Yes. It is very stable because the number of associations being created each year is far exceeding the ability of the HOA management industry to produce qualified HOA managers.

It seems that every city and county is short of funds, and consequently, nearly every city and county requires every new home subdivision to be a Common Interest Development (CID) managed by a community association that is responsible for the maintenance of all common area streets, landscaping, park areas, open space areas and so on. It saves tax dollars and creates HOA management positions.

HOA management is as close to a recession-proof business as you can get.

Q:   Will your management course really qualify me for a position as a homeowner association manager?
A:   If you complete our HOA management course, pass the final exam, and meet the following criteria, we sincerely believe, you will qualify for a management position with many of the hundreds of homeowner association management companies in California. Other requirements of most management companies include:

Good written and verbal communication skills;

The ability to attend an average of one evening board meeting each week;

Access to a highly reliable automobile; and

Basic computer skills.

The primary instructor of our course is HOA Attorney Michael Chulak who has owned a homeowner association management company for nearly 30 years. This course was developed based on the training he provides new managers.

Q:   If I am taking the course to improve my knowledge as a member of my board, is it proper for the association to pay the fee for the course?
A:   Yes. Provided the board approves the expenditure, it is a reasonable use of association funds to educate board members.

Q:   Must I attend every class to qualify for a certificate and what happens if I miss a class?
A:   You must attend all classes before you can take the final exam and qualify for the certificate. If you miss a class, you can simply attend one of the next scheduled classes that you missed. There is no additional fee.

Q:   What is the cost of attendance?
A:   The cost is $250 payable in advance with no refunds. We must be in receipt of your check in order to hold your space. Classes are limited to ten people in order to provide each person sufficient time for questions and answers. The fee includes all study and reference materials.

Q:   What materials are provided to each student?
A:   You will receive a notebook that will include all of the code sections, documents and forms listed in our Course Outline.

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